Add a Shed or Barn to Your Yard

Turn to us for portable buildings in Texarkana, AR

Want to set up a custom shed in your yard? You'll be glad to know that East Street Pawn & Jewelry has portable buildings that you can buy or rent-to-own in Texarkana, AR. Come to our store and let us know about the specifications and options you need for your building, and we'll build it for you at your home or sell you a prebuilt one.

Contact us today to get the perfect portable building for your needs.

Here's why you should get a shed for your yard

If you're running out of space in your home, a custom shed could be the solution to your problem. One of our portable buildings will:

  • Reduce clutter in your home and garage
  • Give you a place to store hazardous materials safely and securely
  • Increase your home's resale value

Visit us now to buy or rent-to-own a portable building.